gymnast in mask

COVID Regulations

We care about following ALL Covid mandates and regulations. All our staff and students have been negative and we want to keep it that way!

The gym is equipped with security cameras everywhere and is consistently monitored to protect COVID regulations.


Anyone found to not respect the Covid mandates below, will no longer be permitted at the gym. No tuition refunds will be offered.


1. ALL coaches, parents, kids, etc MUST WEAR protective masks at ALL TIMES, no exceptions.

2. No parents or visitors are permitted in the training area at any time. Parents may watch/wait from their cars outside.

3. If a parent must enter with a young child to use the bathroom, they must be ONE AT A TIME with shoes OFF and fully masked. No street shoes are allowed at the gym.

4. No street shoes in the training area. All students and coaches must take off the shoes and store them in the cubbies.

5. HANDWASHING is required before, during and at the end of each class. Hand sanitizers are provided to everyone to use as well.

6. Mandatory basic cleaning after every class. Coaches are required to use the medical grade disinfectants to spray and wipe down all the equipment used.