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Girls Gymnastics LA

The Best Rhythmic Gymnastics Classes for Kids in

Los Angeles

Welcome to Ace Gymnastics Academy

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Rhythmic Gymnastics classes are a combination of dance, ballet, expressive movement and flexibility along with a unique blend of gymnastics, while utilizing one of the apparatuses (Rope, Clubs, Ribbon, Ball and Hoop).

​Our classes allow the girls to learn discipline, coordination, apparatus utilization, flexibility, fitness, strength and so much more. It's a great opportunity for an all-around physical education, while growing their self-esteem and public performance building.

Pre-school gymnastics

Level 1
Rhythmic Tots (
4-6 years old)
Beginners (7-12 years old)

As an introduction to rhythmic gymnastics, Level 1 Rhythmic Gymnastics program is designed to encourage whole body exercise, including development in strength, flexibility, and coordination with the emphasis on dancelike rhythmic routines, while learning to socialize with other students in a safe and fun environment.

Level 2 
"Rhythmic Stars" Pre-Team
Xcel Bronze Team (5-8 years old)

If your daughter loves dance, music and tumbling then she will love Rhythmic Gymnastics! It combines the beauty and grace of ballet with the strength and power of gymnastics.

This class is best suited to those girls who want to experience all the fun of rhythmic gymnastics has to offer in a nurturing, non-competitive environment. No prior experience is necessary!

In this program class girls will learn rhythmic gymnastics foundational skills.

Level 1/2 class includes ballet basics, dance movements and basic level acrobatic skills, including cartwheels, rolls, bridge. Gymnastics body skills include balances, turns and leaps.

The program’s activities help students improve flexibility, coordination (including hand-eye coordination), balance and overall fitness.

Rhythmic Gymnastics apparatus used in this level: Rope, Hoop, Ball, Ribbon.

Girls rhythmic gymnastics

Rhythmic Competitive Team
Development Levels 3-8, FIG Jr/Sr
Xcel Levels Bronze-Platinum

Ace Gymnastics Academy offers two competitive options through USA Gymnastics: 

  • Development Program levels 3-10,

  • Xcel Program levels Bronze-Platinum.

Students in both programs receive the same quality of coaching for competitions.

Both teams are by the level placement and coach's invitation only.

Join us for professional rhythmic gymnastics classes!
Pick from pre-school, beginners to competitive team and adult power stretching. 

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